Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Today the cat came to school

It was an accident.

   We were having one of those truly awful school mornings that I think most mums have occasionally. Pup is not an organised child, and he is very distractable; and Tigs is only five and still getting used to the school routine, and would much rather play, thank you very much,  if mum takes her eye off the ball......
The biggest argument for home schooling I know is the awfulness of school mornings. (I still have no plans to homeschool though; I can see the case for it, but  I also know my own shortcomings!)
   Anyway, back to this morning. We left the house ten minutes late, Pup still putting on his shoes and coat. As it is a twelve minute walk  that was serious. I am trying to teach my kids the importance of being on time. (Trying being the operative word here)

   So we were moving fast and not looking behind us. The Kit hasn't followed us for weeks. Then seven minutes into the trip I looked round and there was one wild eyed and panicking kitten just behind us. What to do? Run him back home and be REALLY late? I didn't, I scooped him up and he came along with us. He behaved impeccably until I'd sent Pup into the playground and dropped Tigs off at the office (rather that take him into his classroom with a kitten in arms). Can you imagine the chaos if I went into a class of 30  four and five year olds with a kitten? I can and I didn't want to...) All the way home he squirmed and wriggled, miawed and tried to grab my face. And was he sorry? Not a bit. He got home, demanded his second breakfast and pounded out of the catflap. Not seen him since.

Cats. Who'd have them?

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  1. This is the feline version of "Mary had a Little Lamb" :)